US to abandon Gaza aid pier amid technical failures, report says

Despite $230 million investment, officials say structure failed to provide sufficient humanitarian aid to Gaza, hampered by high seas and logistical problems

The U.S.-built pier intended to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza has failed in its mission and is set for removal, the New York Times reported late Tuesday.
After an investment of approximately $230 million, officials expressed hope that Israel would open alternative land routes to address the "extreme levels of hunger" in the Palestinian enclave. They acknowledged that the humanitarian situation in Gaza had significantly deteriorated before the pier's construction but emphasized that much more needed to be done.
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מזח של הצבא האמריקאי חזר לפעול בחופי עזה
מזח של הצבא האמריקאי חזר לפעול בחופי עזה
US-built pier on the Gaza shore
(Photo: from X)
The pier was designed to supply up to two million meals per day to local residents. While it facilitated the delivery of thousands of tons of humanitarian aid when operational, technical difficulties and high seas led to frequent suspensions of its use. In May, a section of the pier broke off and drifted toward the Israeli port of Ashdod.
Military officials have now informed aid agencies working in Gaza that the pier will be dismantled in early July, ahead of anticipated bad weather conditions in September. According to the Times, U.S. Central Command said, “The decision is not made lightly but is necessary to ensure the temporary pier can continue to deliver aid in the future,” adding that it would be towed to Israel.
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הפיר הצף בעזה
הפיר הצף בעזה
Satellite images of the US-built temporary pier off Gaza
(Photo: Maxar Technologies/Handout via Reuters)
Biden administration officials expressed frustration and disappointment over the operational challenges but noted that the pier had not come under attack, which they considered a positive outcome.
Concerns about the pier's safety arose after allegations surfaced that it had been used in an IDF operation to extract four Israeli hostages from captivity in central Gaza's Nuseirat, a claim officials quickly denied. Additionally, there were fears of a possible strike following reports that the U.S. had provided intelligence to assist the Israeli operation.

Since the pier was re-anchored to Gaza's beach on June 7, approximately 2,500 metric tons (5.5 million pounds) of aid have been delivered through the maritime corridor. Since May 17, over 3,500 metric tons (7.7 million pounds) of aid have been delivered for distribution by humanitarian organizations, according to CENTCOM.
However, aid organizations have reported that much of the aid has not reached those most in need, citing a combination of security and logistical problems, including looting.
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