Hostage hourglass exhibit travels to NY in complex logistic operation

Israelis prepare for '100-day in captivity' rallies around the world
Israel Moskovitz|
A huge hourglass was placed in Tel Aviv's HaBima square to symbolizing that the Israeli hostages held captive by Hamas in Gaza were running out of time. Now the exhibit will be moved to New York, where it will be placed in front of the UN building to mark 100 days since October 7.
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"The clock weighs about 300 kilograms (661 pounds) and is about three and a half meters (11.5 feet) high. Once every hour and a half it is turned to demonstrate the flow of sand," said Eyal Rom, chairman of the "Ramat Hashnaim" non-profit that built the clock. The organization runs workshops for special needs and at-risk youth.
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Hostage hourglass in HaBima Square soon in NY
(Photo: Ramat HaShnaim)
"The hourglass would have to be disassembled into four parts that would be flown to the U.S, to be assembled there." It would be flown on board Israel's national carrier, El Al which will also cover the costs.
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עצרת להחזרת החטופים ביום ה-92 למלחמה
עצרת להחזרת החטופים ביום ה-92 למלחמה
Bring them Home rally on 92nd day of war, Tel Aviv
(Photo: Reuters/Alexandre Meneghini)
On Friday, as the 100the day since the hostages were taken, is to be marked, rallies are expected to take place in New York and the exhibit may move later to Times Square and from there to the city's Jewish Museum. "The whole purpose of this is to raise global public opinion in favor of the release of the abductees," Rom concluded.
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