5 million shekels in cash found in senior Hamas member's home

IDF does not reveal identity of Hamas member who's home was raided and where money found; Defense Ministry says sum to be added to Israel's coffers
Troops searching the Jabaliya home of an unnamed senior member of the Hamas terror group uncovered two suitcases containing some five million shekels in cash, the largest sum found in the Strip since the ground incursion began, the IDF said. In additions to the money, the troops found an array of weapons.
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According to the military the large amount of cash equaled the total of money found by the IDF in Gaza during the first month of the war. The Defense Ministry said last month, that the funds located, included Iraqi and Jordanian Dinars and U.S. dollars, that were found in Hamas strongholds and the homes of terrorists who were wanted by the IDF. The cash was delivered to the ministry and would be added to the coffers of the state, the ministry said.
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חמישה  מיליון שקלים שצה״ל תפס מתחילת הכניסה הקרקעית לעזה ויופקדו בקופת המדינה
חמישה  מיליון שקלים שצה״ל תפס מתחילת הכניסה הקרקעית לעזה ויופקדו בקופת המדינה
5 million shekels uncovered in the Gaza home of a senior member of Hamas
(Photo: Defense Ministry)
The fact that large amounts of cash were found in Gaza, raised questions about the funding of the terror group, which enabled it to increase its strength, leading ultimately to the massacre of October 7.
The New York times published an investigative report last weekend, claiming that since 2018, Israeli intelligence was in possession of secret documents outlining Hamas's assets valued in the millions of dollars, but that information was not acted on, according to the report, despite Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu being aware of the information.
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קבינט המלחמה המצומצם מתכנס
קבינט המלחמה המצומצם מתכנס
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi
(Photo: GPO)
In its announcement on Monday, the IDF said that over 150 Hamas targets were attacked from the air, land and sea, in the past day and that forces on the ground found large amounts of weapons and terror infrastructure.
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