Israeli helicopter pilot killed in a crash in New Jersey

Reports say the pilot was alone in a R22 helicopter when it crashed into a waterway in New Jersey; Rescue teams retrieved his body from the water and had to confirm his demise, but the cause of the crash remains unknown, and the Federal Aviation Administration has initiated an investigation
On Thursday night, a tragedy occurred as an Israeli pilot lost his life in a helicopter crash that took place in a waterway located in New Jersey. Initial reports from American media sources indicate that the exact cause of the crash is yet to be determined. The Israeli Foreign Ministry has confirmed the nationality of the pilot and stated that the situation is being managed and addressed. Efforts are currently underway to repatriate the pilot's remains to Israel.
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Based on the reports, the pilot was flying alone in a Robinson R22 light-utility helicopter when it suddenly crashed into a water channel shortly after departing from Princeton Airport, around 15:30 local time. The helicopter was found submerged at a depth of approximately one meter, and emergency teams had to ascertain his demise after recovering his body from the water.
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דיווח בארה"ב: מסוק התרסק בניו ג'רזי
דיווח בארה"ב: מסוק התרסק בניו ג'רזי
The Helicopter after the crash
"The pilot suffered severe injuries, and his life could not be saved," local police officer Ryan Jim told reporters at the crash site. Witnesses reported the helicopter was seen flying unsteadily before descending and crashing into the water channel.
The Federal Aviation Administration has announced that it has initiated an investigation into the cause of the crash, in coordination with the National Transportation Safety Board. According to the police, there were no additional casualties and no damage was caused as a result of the crash.
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