He hiked with his friends - and fell to his death on Mont Blanc

Stas Davidov, 55, is the Israeli who fell down the mountain in France and was killed. His friends said goodbye to him: 'Today you climbed the final path'

Elisha Ben Kimon|
Stas Davidov, 55, was an Israeli who loved to climb mountains, and he died trying to ascend to the top of the highest peak in Western Europe.
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Davidov, director of the department of Environmental Protection in the Ariel Municipality, fell to his death Tuesday during a trip to Mont Blanc.
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סטס דוידוב
סטס דוידוב
Stas Davidov shouts out to the Ariel Municipality from the top of a mountain peak
"You loved the mountains so much," a friend wrote in a tribute on Facebook. "Today you climbed the final path, how cruel and unfair fate is."
This is not the first time that Davidov participated in challenging mountain climbing; four years ago he uploaded a photo from the top of Mount Kazbek in Georgia. Acquaintances from Ariel said that he was supposed to climb Mont Blanc two years ago – but had to give up due to weather conditions. "He didn't give up – and flew there a second time for a final climb, from which he will not return," one of them said.
According to the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Davidov was killed during a hiking trip with his friends. French police reported that the accident occurred at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters, during a rockslide in the Gouter Corridor passage. There were no other casualties in the incident.
"Shocked at the passing of a dear man, who I had the privilege of working alongside in the Ariel municipality," said Rotem Prizant, a member of the Ariel Municipal Council. "He loved to conquer difficult and challenging peaks. It is difficult for me to write about him in words. He's gone. He will be missed by me and the whole city."
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סטס דוידוב
סטס דוידוב
Stas Davidov loved mountain climbing
Roi Most, Davidov 's friend, who is the former CEO of the Ariel Economic Company and a candidate for mayor, said that "some people dream dreams – and Stas was one who made them come true. He worked for years in the municipality. This is a huge loss for the entire community. A sad day for the entire city."
The director general of the Ariel Development Fund, Elad Metsuyanim, called Davidov's tragic death a "big disaster for the city of Ariel." According to him, Davidov flew to Mont Blanc two years ago – but then he had to give up the climb due to weather conditions.
"After he returned, we talked about climbing mountains, something that both of us do – and how everyone always asks the same question - 'but why?' I laughed and quoted the line: 'I want to climb the mountains because they are there', and Stas answered: 'Exactly!'," Metsuyanim recalled.
"In a chilling way, this is a line from the song 'My last summer with you'. He did not give up and flew a second time for a final climb, from which he will not return."
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מון בלאן
מון בלאן
Mont Blanc: 'I want to climb the mountains because they are there'
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The CEO of the Ariel Development Fund noted that Davidov leaves behind his wife, Regina; a son; and a grandson who was born just three months ago. "There are no words to console," he concluded.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that the consul for the Israeli delegation to the United Nations in Geneva, Ashi Hoffman, has been assisting the family in these difficult moments. The Department for Israelis Abroad in the Consular Wing of the Foreign Ministry is in contact with his family and with the Israeli Embassy in Paris, which is assisting in the process of bringing his body to Israel.
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