Son of Egyptian president hopes to mediate between Israel and Hamas

Mahmoud el-Sisi, deputy head of the Egyptian General Intelligence Directorate arrives with other officials to prevent an escalation of violence in Jerusalem and prevent security deterioration along the Gaza border
Einav Halabi, Eyal Arbid|
The Son of Egypts' President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, Mahmoud arrived with two other Egyptian officials, as part of a delegation attempting to mediate between Israel and the Palestinian factions amid the increased violence on Temple Mount.
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  • Violent clashes on the holy site, for both Jews and Muslims on Friday, resulted in 476 arrested, marking the highest number in years.
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     מחמוד א-סיסי, בנו של נשיא מצרים
     מחמוד א-סיסי, בנו של נשיא מצרים
    Mahmoud el-Sisi
    The "Al-Araby Al-Jadeed" newspaper reported that Egypt hoped to prevent further escalation of violence and reach a compromise that would bring about the release of the detainees.
    The papers said that the Egyptians instructed a company working on the rebuilding in the Gaza strip, to put their projects on hold in case the mediation efforts fail.
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     מחמוד א-סיסי, בנו של נשיא מצרים
     מחמוד א-סיסי, בנו של נשיא מצרים
    Mahmoud el-Sisi (R), next to his father Abdel Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil el-Sisi (center)
    Mahmoud el-Sisi graduated from the Egyptian Military Academy in 1997. He is married to Noha Al-Tohami, the daughter of Farid Al-Tohamy, the former head of the General Intelligence and Administrative Control Authority.
    In 2018, el-Sisi was appointed deputy head of the Egyptian General Intelligence Directorate, and is destined to be assigned to a diplomatic posting in Moscow.
    Clashes at the Temple Mount
    (Israel Police, alqastel)
    Of the 476 detainees from Friday's clashes, 130 have been imprisoned, and the rest have either been released or put in extended detention. 65 minors were banned from entering Temple Mount, and were to be released under certain restrictions, like many of the others taken into custody.
    On Sunday, Palestinians clashed with police forces on Temple Mount after the forces entered the mosque compound to remove makeshift barriers and piles of stones prepared for riots. At least two were arrested and at least nine others were injured.
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