Two children carrying Israeli flag cross Gaza border fence

During right-wing protest at border, pair crawl under barrier and wave flag on top of hill; IDF says children did not cross into Gaza itself, returned after forces arrived at scene

Two young Israeli children crawled under the Gaza border fence while carrying an Israeli flag on Thursday, according to a video of the unusual incident posted to social media.
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In the video, the pair are seen climbing up a hill and waving the flag. An adult can be heard in the background encouraging them to plant the flag.
The incident occurred as several dozen right-wing activists arrived at the border area near Kibbutz Nir Am, where they demonstrate regularly in a call for Israel to resettle Gaza after the war, for tree planting for the holiday of Tu Bishvat.
The IDF said that two children crawled under the barrier to the buffer zone within Israeli territory for a short time, but did not cross into Gaza. The army stated that “approaching the border area with the Gaza Strip is dangerous and prohibited” and that the children crossed back under the fence upon the arrival of IDF forces that dispersed the gathering.
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