Palestinians claim fired rocket from Jenin at Israel

Hamas-linked terrorists in Jenin claim targeted the settlement of Shaked although no impact was identified; In a separate 14-hour raid in Nablus, security forces kill terrorist, seize explosive-launch sites

On Thursday, the Hamas affiliated Al-Ayash brigade, in the Jenin refugee camp, announced they had launched a rocket toward the Shaked settlement in the northern section of the West Bank, "in response to the crimes of the occupation in Gaza". No rocket impact was reported thus far in the area.
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All throughout the night, IDF Special Forces operated in the West Bank, including the Balata refugee camp in Nablus, where they apprehended a dozen suspected terrorists wanted for questioning, at least one was killed and the troops located munitions storages and observation posts, during a 14-hour operation.
Hundreds of IDF reservists and Border Police were deployed to the Palestinian town of Azzun, part of the Qalqilya Governorate, and raided around 60 locations, questioned dozens and arrested ten suspects. Among their discoveries were munitions, ammo, explosive making raw materials and Hamas propaganda tools.
Earlier in the week, on Tuesday night, reservists and Border Police were active inside the Tulkarm refugee camp, where they located improvised explosive devices nestled under roads leading into the camp. Live fire incidents were reported, as well as explosive charges hurled at the Israeli forces, which resulted in several Palestinians being arrested with the aid of some Israeli aerial forces who monitored the proceedings from above.
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משגר טילים
משגר טילים
The moment of launch
A Palestinian news agency reported five people killed and several other wounded, further claiming IDF ground forces stormed the hospital's emergency room. The Palestinian Health Ministry reported a fatality caused by Israel's aerial assault, by what supposedly was two missiles launched at a residence, injuring at least three Palestinian youth.
Following the Hamas surprise attack on Israeli southern communities on October 7, IDF bolstered its forces throughout Central Command as well as the West Bank Division to prevent any Hamas copycats from seizing on Israel's shock from the overflow of Hamas terrorists from Gaza. IDF then announced that over 30 Brigades are operating inside the West Bank around the clock, ready for any emerging scenario.
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