IDF finds Hezbollah post on Israeli territory

On Israeli side of border with Lebanon, in the area of Mount Dov, the military discovered a position established by the terror group about two months ago. The army is trying to resolve the matter through diplomatic channels: 'This is a provocation, they do not pose a threat'
Yoav Zitun|
The IDF recently identified a Hezbollah position made up of two tents set up on the Israeli side of the international border with Lebanon at Mount Dov. The military sees this as a provocation that constitutes a border violation, and Israel is working to evacuate this position through diplomatic channels with access to the Lebanese army.
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The position was established about two months ago and is under surveillance by IDF forces and was reported first on Wednesday by the public broadcaster Kan 11. A report about the post was passed this week to senior politicians, in a discussion held with representatives of the military.
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אוהלים של חיזבאללה בגבול ישראל
אוהלים של חיזבאללה בגבול ישראל
Hezbollah tents on Lebanon-Israel border
It is possible that if the issue is not resolved with the help of the Lebanese army in a diplomatic way, those manning the post will be forcibly evicted. Hezbollah operatives are constantly operating along the border, mostly in disguise, for the purpose of gathering intelligence on IDF forces.
This action comes against the backdrop of many IDF activities in the border area and the construction of new security barriers. According to the army, the incident is under control.
The position crosses a few meters past the blue line demarcating Israel's demilitarized zone, between the Zivonite and Gladiola IDF outposts. The position is manned 24 hours a day throughout the week by Lebanese troops, including a number of armed Hezbollah members. The IDF says that the position is not a threat.
A reporter for the Al-Manar television station, which is controlled by Hezbollah, claimed that the tents do not belong to the organization.
In Mount Dov – an extensive mountainous area with spurs and hills – there is no actual border fence between Israel and Lebanon. Most of the border is marked with yellow or blue paint on rocks and barrels. Therefore, the area of the mountain, where there are no Israeli communities, is defined as a large Israeli enclave with a number of IDF outposts spread between the slopes of Mount Hermon to the eastern end of the finger of the Galilee, toward the Ayun Valley. IDF forces regularly operate in open patrols and prolonged ambushes up to the border line.
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