Europe is terrified and Kowtows to Hamas

Opinion: Support of Hamas is support for oppressive Islamist imperialism which is and will continue to turn the hatred of Israel onto the West, bringing terrorism and violence in its wake but when the free world wakes up to the danger, it may be too late

Every march in Paris, headline in the Guardian, Le Monde or the New York Times, every academic paper from the progressive school of thought or BBC report – only radicalized Muslims in the West further. This is the fuel that encourages some to carry out terror attacks.
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The media and academia Kowtow to Hamas, Qatar and Iran but that only backfires. The hatred of Israel translates to hate of the West, bringing Europe to tremble in fear of a new wave of violence and terror.
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פריז, צרפת, הפגנה פרו פלסטינית נגד ישראל חרבות ברזל
פריז, צרפת, הפגנה פרו פלסטינית נגד ישראל חרבות ברזל
Pro-Palestinian march in Paris
(Photo: Claudia Greco / Reuters)
Every Jew who demonstrates against Israel, or voices anti-Zionist views, or negates the right of Israel to exist, is also the enemy of peace and reconciliation and also a soldier in the service of racism.
And yes, now, in times of war, and in the short-term, this propaganda is harmful to Israel but in the long run, it will be harmful to Palestinians, Muslims and the free world.
Hamas is supported by Iran and Qatar ideologically, financially and with arms. And still Hamas could not have become what it is without the support of the free world. Palestinians would not have rejected any peace initiative or compromise without the protection they have been given by the media and academia.
Highlighting and bolstering the nakba, when Palestinians were displaced in the 1948 war of Independence, does not help resolve the problem of refugees, it perpetuates it and UNRWA only ferments more hate.
Those who march against Israel are the enemies of the Palestinians and the Muslims because the provide justification for violence and terror. They've made being pro-Palestinian the crown in their progressive ideological crown. The believe that they are helping Palestinians but there can be no greater mistake.
This is not new. There had been leading intellectuals who supported Stalin and the Soviet tyranny. Then too, Stalin was the murderous tyrant who sought to instill his oppressive communist imperialism on the world.
UNRWA perpetuates the problems of refugees while its funding could have build them homes and a future
Western intellectuals also came out in support of Khomeini in Iran. Michel Foucault prominent among them. And now, again, an even greater show of support for murderous tyranny. Hamas as part of the Jihad is not the oppressed. It seeks to impose its oppressive Islamist imperialism on the rest of the world.
There have been some Arab voices in recent years, who supported historic compromises that would have seen a Palestinian national homeland along side the Jewish homeland. But left leaning intellectuals in the world, encouraged Palestinian obstinance.
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עימותים בין פלסטינים לצה"ל בג'נין
עימותים בין פלסטינים לצה"ל בג'נין
Armed Palestinian militant in Jenin
(Photo: Alaa Badarneh / EPA)
When Then U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry presented a second draft for a peace agreement in 2004, that would have given the Palestinians a state with Jerusalem as its capital – it was Peter Beinart, the most prominent Jewish American intellectual who published a call for "liberal Zionists," to be concerned that Kerry's proposal was not magnanimous enough to the Palestinians, although he was not familiar with the details in it.
Others like Omar Shakir, who went on the be the point man for Human Rights Watch for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, called on Palestinians to reject self-determination because their demand should be for one state.
I can go on. There is a long list of professors, journalists and human rights activists who backed Palestinian rejection of peace initiatives and justified "resistance," which is another word for terrorism. But have they helped the Palestinians?
On the contrary, they only egged them on to increase their demands and resist compromise, perpetuating the conflict. Perhaps if the left leaning world had adopted an arrangement that would have recognized the rights of Jews for self-determination, the Palestinians would have been more inclined to compromise. But when the most important sources of knowledge, academia and the media, justify their violent resistance, what chances does compromise have?
The Palestinians more than anyone, are paying the price. When the EU and the Quartet, made up of the UN, U.S., Russia and the EU – offered Hamas to rebuild Gaza after a round of fighting with Israel in 2010, in exchange for it being demilitarized, some in academia backed Hamas's refusal. That was just the foreword for their current justification of Hamas's greatest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust.
Let us not kid ourselves. Not only the woke, students and lecturers in Berkley, Harvard and Colombia universities espouse those views. Wester nations, including and perhaps especially those who express support for Israel, do as well. And even the friendly American administration, without whose aid in recent months, Israel would have been in much worse circumstances.
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נשיאת אוניברסיטת הרווארד קלודין גיי בשימוע בקונגרס
נשיאת אוניברסיטת הרווארד קלודין גיי בשימוע בקונגרס
Harvard President Claudine Gay testifies to Congress on antisemitism on Campus
(Photo: AP)
The West funds UNRWA annually. In 2022, it was to the tune of 1.6 billion dollars. The Biden administration reinstated the funding for the UN body, giving it a quarter of a million every year. This massive amount of money that was delivered to the offspring of refugees year after year since 1950, could have payed for housing for each of those families and the construction of infrastructure and industrial zones. But no. The money is spent on perpetuating their refugee status, and on an education system that nurtures the ethos of refugees and the hope of the destruction of Israel.
Israel it self not only did nothing to counter that policy, it in fact encouraged it in order to preserve calm. That then blew up in its face with successive uprisings and again on October 7.
It is the free world that is ultimately paying the price because it nurtured the hatred of Israel in headlines and on campuses and that hate is now turning on the free world itself.
Young Muslims taught to hate by their clerics hear the same from their professors in universities
Muslim clerics in Hamburg, Paris, London and Chicago are raising a new generation filled with hate and when they enter universities, they hear the same from their professors: hate for the West, hate for America, hate for Israel and hate for Jews.
That is not the way to advance reconciliation, compromise and peace. Only hate and violence. That is how Muslims in general and Palestinians in particular, are excused from any responsibility for their situation. Israel ultimately can defend itself, but can the free world say the same? The brainwashing of more and more young people leaves no room for optimism. One day the free world will awaken but there is a real concern that that would be too late.
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