Defund the BBC: An open letter to the people of Britain

Opinion: British public broadcaster continues to fumble coverage of Israel-Gaza war with utterly transparent contempt for the British public’s intelligence
Dear People of Britain. Defund your BBC! I recently wrote an open letter to the journalists on the ground in Israel who had just seen the movie footage from Hamas-ISIS terrorists' own GoPro cameras appealing to them to seize the moment, to own their truth and recalibrate the appalling “Middle East” narrative.
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The film contained footage of brutal killings, torture and mistreatment of people, including children and the elderly. In attendance were the president of the Fox News television company, heads of other major companies - CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC - as well as journalists from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and famous television presenters and commentators.
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ההזמנה להקרנת סרט הזוועות של חמאס בהוליווד
ההזמנה להקרנת סרט הזוועות של חמאס בהוליווד
Screening of Hamas atrocities in Hollywood
A Wall Street Journal editorial published after the film wrote: “The scenes from October 7 explain why this war Israel is waging today is different from previous ones. Its goal is the survival of the Jews. No one who saw the film in New York will ever forget it."
The article goes on to say: “The journalist sitting next to me in the Israeli consulate building was crying. What we saw had nothing to do with the Palestinian desire for independence or the correct interpretation of Islam. It was nihilistic jihad in the full sense of the word."
Other accounts of the event are just as harrowing. It was clear to everyone who attended, that things have changed. Things needed to change. And that meant systematic change in their reporting too. At least, that is the hope.
But a certain mainstream media corporation was absent, deciding not to attend. And there are no prizes for guessing who. It was the glorious and iconic British Broadcasting Corporation. That’s right, the good old BBC chose not to show even a morsel of respect for the dead and kidnapped and bother to attend.
The truth is, that although I was addressing my letter to all journalists, it was the BBC who dominated my mind as I was composing it. I am, after all, a product in part of a British society and culture shaped by this once great institution. For me, the BBC’s betrayal of basic values was more personal.
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מתוך הפגנת המחאה נגד BBC
מתוך הפגנת המחאה נגד BBC
Protesting BBC coverage of the Gaza war
(Photo: Carl Court / Getty Images)
Instead of attending, and possibly due to relentless public pressure or perhaps because of the British government publicly calling out their appalling policies, they chose instead to publish a letter explaining why they continue to insist on referring to Hamas by every other imaginable name besides what they actually are, terrorists. In the letter, they casually dropped a monumental and jaw-dropping admission, unveiling themselves from behind an aging mask of pretend impartiality.
Remarkably, nobody seems to have picked up on it yet. The BBC just unloaded a truckload of insult to injury, beyond anything any decent British person should stand for, and it cannot go unnoticed, much less unanswered.
Before I get to it, and because the "BEEB" does not possess even a morsel of decency left or the conscience required to inform you that such a screening event even took place, it is worth noting that as of writing this, they continue to assert that the footage in question is as yet still “unverified”. Someone might want to tell them that it's particularly difficult to verify video footage while refusing to do the elementary journalistic job of watching it.
Nevertheless, the BBC has found itself reluctantly bound by a rapidly eroding compulsion to explain themselves. And their attempt at that was delivered with an utterly transparent contempt for the British public’s intelligence.
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מתוך הפגנת המחאה נגד BBC
מתוך הפגנת המחאה נגד BBC
Protest against BBC 'Hamas terrorists, not militants'
(Photo: Carl Court / GettyImages)
This is how they sought to reassure readers, listeners and viewers of their unwavering journalistic integrity and explain why they continue to not refer to or label Hamas as "Terrorists" even though they are the only organization in the entire world still not to, governmental or private (bar the usual antisemitic suspects).
With their famed mumble-jumble style of facts hidden behind opinions, and written with typical self-bestowed superiority, John Simpson, the BBC’s world affairs correspondent wrote: “…but this doesn't mean that we should start saying that the organization whose supporters have carried them [atrocities] out is a terrorist organization, because that would mean we were abandoning our duty to stay objective.”
There! Did you miss it? Read it again. “the organization whose supporters have carried them [atrocities] out…”
There you have it. Clear as day and written in black and white, the BBC’s official stated report of the events that took place in Israel on Oct. 7, 2023, is that it was “supporters” of Hamas who were responsible for the massacres.
The BBC just expunged the internationally designated terrorist group Hamas, of any responsibility for the atrocities on 10.7.2023, now known as Black Saturday. It was their supporters, stupid!
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פעילי חמאס חמושים בתגובה להפגנות בשייח ג'ראח
פעילי חמאס חמושים בתגובה להפגנות בשייח ג'ראח
BBC, why does a Hamas supporter need a gun?
(Photo: Reuters)
What a disgustingly new low for the BBC to stoop to. My last letter fell on ears unwilling to hear, the same as their eyes were unwilling to see. So here we are again. I’m writing another letter, only this time to the great people of the United Kingdom. Dear mate in Manchester, dear miss in London, dear family in Glasgow, I strongly believe that fundamentally, the British are always the good guys. Historically, for the most part, Brits are the victorious goodies over centuries of baddies.
The United Kingdom is still today overwhelmingly made up of good people. Proud and patriotic citizens who possess moral fiber, sown in deep by an education system that once taught of the bravery and sacrifice of those who came before. They boast of a nation that throughout history stood alone in the world against evil and destroyed it.
I fondly remember my end-of-year primary school project in Manchester. When we were encouraged to choose our own topic matter, I chose mine to be the legendary RAF Spitfire WWII fighter jet. I vividly remember gluing newspaper cutouts of photographs taken in 1940 depicting the hectic maze of contrails left in the sky as these beautiful aircraft heroically fought against and defeated the Luftwaffe. Learning about that monumental and decisive battle of over the British skies, left me feeling triumphant and victorious as my imagination helped me feel as though I was living through it myself, albeit aged only eleven and fifty years after the fact.
In the last few years, I have made my bed halfway across the world in Israel. I left the British Isles behind to settle in the historic homeland of the Jewish people. I still have most of my friends, family and business interests back in Blighty. And I still pay His Majesty’s taxes.
Patriotic Brits are waking up to the reality that Israel’s war, is their war. They are beginning to understand that Israel is only the front line. And they are starting to fear that if heaven forbid it is broken through, they are next.
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לונדון אנגליה הפגנה לשחרור החטופים
לונדון אנגליה הפגנה לשחרור החטופים
A call for the release of hostages, in London last month
(Photo: Peter Nicholls / Getty Images)
The BBC has sided in wartime with the enemies of Israel and the Jewish people and by extension has declared itself, the historic once proud flagship institution of His and Her Majesties of the past and present, our enemy too.
And they do so on your behalf, good people who have no choice but to continue funding them with your hard-earned tax money.
Yesterday, while out on my balcony, I looked up at the early evening sky and tried to make out if I could hear air raid sirens in the distance. When it does eventually blare out from the home front speakers across the way in the neighboring town, I nearly jump out of my skin. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the first time, in fact it’s a constant daily occurrence, but it’s just not something you get used to. After I ran back inside the house to make sure my kids were safely in the bomb shelter and my wife was there to comfort them, I went back outside.
Looking up at the fresh rocket contrails, I remember my school project. I take a picture with my phone and wonder if my teacher Mrs. Higgins, would notice the difference if image instead was the one I pasted onto the pages of my assignment. It was a surreal feeling for a moment until cut short by another barrage overhead.
This time I took my phone to video it live. I wanted to record the experience and share it with my good friend and early investor of my startup venture, Nick.
Nick, is the very best of British. Made of the sort of stuff I had always imagined my Grandad was, at least from the stories my Granny told. (Part of the Glasgow Highlanders regiment, he landed on the beaches on D-day [day 3].) The caliber of men and women who do not accept the blurring of the lines between good and evil just because the battles between them are not being waged on their own soil or because they are of a different religion or race.
His support has been a tremendous help to me these past couple of weeks.
It is Nick, who assures me that many British people share his sentiments towards the disgraceful bias of the BBC. He calls them the "silent majority."
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בריטניה תמונה ש פרסמה המשטרה של מבוקשת על הסתה מ הפגנה פרו פלסטינית ב לונדון
בריטניה תמונה ש פרסמה המשטרה של מבוקשת על הסתה מ הפגנה פרו פלסטינית ב לונדון
Pro-Hamas protesters in London demonstration on Saturday
I truly appreciate his words and his intentions. But who knows better than us Jews that the "silent majority" is irrelevant at best and complicit at worst?
Anyway, who am I to talk? While I was filming the Iron Dome battery launch defensive missiles into the sky over my head and shoot down the terrorist rockets, it horrifyingly dawned on me that I myself am still funding the BBC (with my UK tax contributions).
Moshe David Rubinstein Moshe David Rubinstein
What a complete hypocrite. Worse than a hypocrite, I can’t even blame ignorance. Boom! The last rocket was blown up out of the sky along with my seemingly impenetrable conscience.
The fate of the BBC’s propaganda machine is now in the hands of “the silent majority”. People I do not know and have never met.
The funny thing is, I have never met Nick in person either. But if the rest of the "SM" are anything like he is, then my hope for Britain’s future is partially restored.
First though, defund the BBC. Still yours, A British-Israeli national.
  • Moshe David Rubinstein is a columnist for Ynetnews writing about startups and the Israeli hi-tech eco system. He is a British-Israeli entrepreneur, startup founder in AI, Web3 and Fintech. He is also an angel investor & advisor to early-stage startups. You can contact Moshe via his website.
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