Israeli captive returns home after claimed dead

Hanna Katzir returns from captivity after terrorist organizations in Gaza claimed she was killed in attempt at psychological warfare

Hadar Gil-Ad, Matan Tzuri|
IDF Spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari talked about the release of Israeli hostage 76-year-old Hanna Katzir from Hamas captivity on Friday and clarified that despite the psychological warfare carried out by terrorist organizations, "now more than ever, we must avoid spreading unverified information." According to him, "Like in the case of Hanna Katzir, who returned home today, after terrorist organizations claimed they killed her a few days ago.”
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"We must never forget that Hamas is a cruel and merciless enemy, and so we must only rely on reports from official sources," Hagari added in a statement to the media. Two weeks ago, before the allegations in Gaza regarding Katzir’s death, a Palestinian Islamic Jihad spokesperson released a video showing Katzir and 12-year-old Yagil Yaakov, who is still held in the Strip. The terrorist organization claimed at the time that they were "willing to release them for humanitarian reasons."
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חנה קציר
חנה קציר
Hanna Katzir
Residents of Kibbutz Nir Oz, where Katzir lives, said that despite reports of her death in captivity in the Strip, they believed she was alive. "She’s a strong woman, part of the founding generation, who, despite her medical condition, is a true survivor. We didn’t believe that she passed away in captivity."
Her family and friends said she was "a woman full of heart who always gave all she could for others." They added that she and her husband Rami, who was murdered in Hamas’ attack, were "a charming, inseparable couple."
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חנה קציר
חנה קציר
Footage of Hana Katzir released by the Islamic Jihad
Katzir is a mother of three children and a grandmother of six grandchildren. For years, she took care of the children in Kibbutz Nir Oz with dedication. Hanna, who relies on a wheelchair and life-saving medications, was abducted from her home on October 7 into the Gaza Strip. Her husband, 79-year-old Rami Kozir, was murdered by terrorists, and their son Elad, 47), is still being held in captivity.
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