Israel to notify ICJ of compliance with court orders

Netanyahu orders a 'concise' response to officially inform the International Court of Justice that Israel is implementing the court's orders regarding humanitarian aid to Gazans, refraining from incitement to genocide, and not obstructing evidence related to genocide

ICJ President read court orders against Israel
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Following Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's decision, Israel will send an official document to the International Court of Justice on Monday, in which it will inform the court that it is complying with the Court's orders that were given at the preliminary hearing in January following the lawsuit filed by South Africa, accusing Israel of committing genocide in Gaza.
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The court issued six directives, one of which instructed Israel to submit a written report by February 26 detailing how it is implementing the directives. Prime Minister Netanyahu instructed to draft a very "concise" document, in which Israel will specify that the directives are regularly being implemented, including the transfer of humanitarian aid to Palestinians in Gaza; refraining from incitement to genocide; and avoiding the obstruction of evidence regarding genocide.
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דרום אפריקה נגד ישראל בדיון בהאג
דרום אפריקה נגד ישראל בדיון בהאג
Prime Minister Netanyahu orders compliance with ICJ orders
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The justice ministry and the foreign ministry drafted Israel's response document, which will be sent to the court after Netanyahu's approval. The Israeli message is that the Court's orders are being regularly implemented even without their issuance by the court. Israel remains content that the court essentially rejected South Africa's demands against Israel.
The International Court of Justice decided to order Israel to comply with six directives. It was decided by a majority of 15 to 2 that Israel is required to act in accordance with its commitment to prevent genocide and to take all possible steps to prevent mass murder. Israel is required to actively and immediately ensure that the IDF does not commit mass murder by a majority of 15 to 2. Israel is required to take all necessary steps to prevent and punish incitement to mass murder by a majority of 16 to 1.
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דרום אפריקה נגד ישראל בדיון בהאג
דרום אפריקה נגד ישראל בדיון בהאג
South Africa filed law suit against Israel in ICJ
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Israel is required to take immediate and effective action to enable basic services and humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian residents of Gaza by a majority of 16 to 1. Israel is also required "to take effective steps to prevent destruction and ensure the preservation of evidence relating to allegations by a majority of 15 to 2. Israel is required to report on the implementation of the directives to the court within a month by a majority of 15 to 2.
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