Hezbollah claims to have fired a 'Falk 1' missile for first time in current fighting

Hezbollah claims to have used a 50 kg warhead missile developed in the 90's in its last barrage at the Golan on Friday for the first time since October 7 as well as a heavy short ranged missile; the missiles were used mainly during the Second Lebanon War and has a range of 10 km

Burkan missile fired at Israel
Hezbollah took responsibility on Friday for firing a "Falk 1" missile towards the Golan region. In Hezbollah's statement, they claimed that the missile was aimed at the "Ma'ale Golan" outpost and a direct hit was recorded. According to Arab media and Hezbollah's claims of responsibility since the beginning of the war, this was the first time they claimed that a missile of this model as well as the "Burkan" missile was used against Israel since October 7.
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The news site "Lebanon 24" published that Hezbollah sources confirmed that this Iranian-made missile, developed in the 1990s, was mentioned for the first time in the terrorist organization's claims of responsibility since October 7. According to Arab reports, Hezbollah used the missile in the Second Lebanon War. The missile has a warhead weighing 50 kg which reaches a range of up to 10.5 km. Its length is 1.32 meters and the diameter is 240 mm. There is an older version of the missile, "Falk 2", and it has a larger warhead.
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חיזבאללה לוקח אחריות על ירי טיל פלק 1 לאזור הגולן
חיזבאללה לוקח אחריות על ירי טיל פלק 1 לאזור הגולן
Hezbollah shows its 'Falk 1' missile after barrage
Along with the "Falk 1," Hezbollah announced its use of another kind of missile, the "Burkan," a heavy-duty short-range missile launched from trucks, since the beginning of the fighting in the northern arena. Hezbollah's claims of responsibility for firing "Burkan" missiles at Zar'it and a post in Israeli territory were also published on Friday.
According to Hezbollah's claim, another significant attack was carried out this on Friday against an Israeli outpost. According to claims, a new anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) was used in this attack. Hezbollah published unusual documentation from the missile's camera - which showed its trajectory up to the moment of impact. The Lebanese terrorist organization called the radar a "spy dome", and also presented a map where you can see where the impact occurred.
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לפי דיווחים פלסטינים: תיעוד חיזבאללה משיגור טילי בורקאן לעבר שטח ישראל
לפי דיווחים פלסטינים: תיעוד חיזבאללה משיגור טילי בורקאן לעבר שטח ישראל
Footage shows Hezbollah firing missiles at Israel
Al-Akhbar, the Hezbollah-linked network, reported on Friday that this is a guided missile that was revealed for the first time, although it has been in use by Hezbollah for some time, and it transmits images of its trajectory as it flies in an arch-like manner to hit hidden targets. The Lebanese Al-Mayadeen network also published information about the attack on the outpost on Friday. The missile has a modern Russian-made system that was modified in Iran and is similar to the Kornet missile.
The report also detailed the capabilities of the "Falk" system, and it was stated that it was in Hezbollah's possession already in the 1990s. The name "Falk" means "dawn" - and there is even a sura (chapter) in the Koran, number 113, called by this name.
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