Terrorist crossing from Lebanon into Israel is behind road side blast, IDF says

Cleared for publication: Terrorist likely breached border earlier in the week and planted the IED; was located in a car driving north and killed after endangering forces
Yoav Zitun|

IDF forces search Lebanon border area after road side bomb explodes
(צילום: דובר צה"ל)

Security forces killed a terrorist who planted an explosive device on a highway on Munday, seriously wounding one man.
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  • "During searches and roadblocks in the area of Moshav Ya'ara (route 899), ISA and “Yamam” police forces stopped a vehicle, in which an armed terrorist posed a threat to the forces, who neutralized and killed him," the military said in a statement. "The terrorist was found in possession of weapons, including an explosive belt ready to be activated and additional means," the IDF said adding that he was near the Lebanese border.
    Troops stop driver taking terrorist to norhern Israel
    The military said that their inquiry suggests that the man was presumed to have crossed from Lebanon into Israeli territory earlier this week.
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    IDF forces apprehend the driver of car taking terrorist
    They identified the explosive device as a type used by the Iran-backed Hezbollah group and were previously used in an attempt to target IDF soldiers along the border with Syria, in 2020
    The investigation and its aftermath were kept under a gag order since Monday, despite the advice of the military that it should be made known.
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    סריקות כוחות הביטחון סמוך לגבול לבנון
    סריקות כוחות הביטחון סמוך לגבול לבנון
    IDF troops conduct searches along Israel Lebanon border
    (Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
    There was no further information on who dispatched the man into Israeli territory to carry out an attack. Hezbollah was not named as responsible, in the military's statements. Additionally, no information was released as to how the border was breached.
    Still, security officials urged the prime minister to launch a military response against Hezbollah after the terrorist was able to travel from the border for miles and plant his explosive device.
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