Amazon removes anti-Israeli shirt, others remain available

Following Ynet report and Foreign Ministry appeal, online retail behemoth removes T-shirt with anti-Israeli writing, though other shirts promoting violence against Israel remain available on the site; Amazon also offers pro-Israeli merchandise

The Foreign Ministry has announced that a T-shirt promoting pro-Palestinian sentiments and advocating for the elimination of Israel has been withdrawn from Amazon. They revealed that the removal occurred after they, along with the Head of Public Diplomacy Emanuel Nachshon, and the Israeli Embassy in Washington, flagged the issue to Amazon.
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The t-shirt bore the slogan 'From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free', and featured the Palestinian flag overlaying the entirety of Israel. Nachshon noted that "this t-shirt essentially promotes genocide and calls for the destruction of a United Nations member state, which is completely unlawful." The item has since been removed.
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חולצות אנטי ישראליות באמזון
חולצות אנטי ישראליות באמזון
Anti-Israeli shirts
(Photo: Amazon screenshot)
Despite the removal of one shirt, other pro-Palestinian shirts still exist on the site. Some of these feature harmless designs and phrases like a floral map of Israel, watermelon illustrations (which are viewed as a symbol for Palestine due to their colors) or a humorous slogan saying, "My wife is Palestinian so I can endure anything."
Conversely, the majority of the shirts display the slogan "Free Palestine" accompanied by an image of Israel overlaid with the colors of the Palestinian Authority flag. One shirt even exhibits a menacing clenched fist.
These shirts are offered by several sellers who specialize in shirts with humorous prints. In the "Palestine" category, there is also an assortment of memorabilia featuring the Palestinian Authority flag. Others bear the phrase "Standing with Palestine is standing with humanity," implying that those who support Israel are inhumane.
Simultaneously, Amazon carries shirts expressing pro-Israeli sentiments, occasionally paired with the US flag and devoid of any suggestive violence. For context, most shirts expressing support for Israel adopt the "I stand with Israel" theme.
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