Israeli customers file class-action lawsuit against Apple

The 25 million-shekel lawsuit accuses Apple of misleading customers regarding iCloud services and costs

Lital Dobrovitsky|
A request for approval of a 25 million-shekel (about $6.6 million) class-action lawsuit was submitted this week in Israel against Apple Inc. The request, filed by lawyers Elad Danoch, David Michaev and Guy Davidovitch in the Jerusalem District Court, claims that Apple allegedly misleads consumers who purchase cloud storage packages for its iCloud service, and that the company is charging customers for the free service it is supposed to give to them anyway.
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The request claims that when Apple customers purchase its products, they receive cloud storage services of five gigabytes as a built-in and inseparable part of using the device. For example, according to the lawsuit, an Apple user who purchases a 50 gigabyte storage package actually only receives 45 gigabytes, because the other five gigabytes should be provided to them for free.
The same argument is made for other cloud storage plans, such as in volumes of 200 gigabytes and 2 terabytes. The lawsuit also claims that Apple Global is in fact "misleading its customers by offering them to join a cloud storage service, but it provides them with a lower storage volume than it commits to, against the law."
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חברת Apple
חברת Apple
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As part of the request, the court is asked to order Apple to correct its conduct, so that there is a match between the storage volume offered and the storage volume that is actually received. Apple has yet to respond.
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