IDF soldiers' heartwarming homecoming clips go viral on TikTok

Troops surprise their families after long weeks away from home, capturing their shock and heartfelt embraces
Noa Shweky|
If you've logged onto TikTok lately, then you've probably caught wind of the tear-jerking trend of soldiers pulling off surprise homecomings. You know how it goes: a door swings open, the camera catches a soldier stepping in, their back to us. Then, like magic, the house bursts into a symphony of pure elation and cheers from family members of all ages.
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These clips are accompanied by several contemporary Israeli hit songs. The hashtag #לחזורהביתה, which means #cominghome, has amassed over 27 million views thus far, so it's unlikely this trend will be leaving us any time soon.

אח שלי חזר הביתה בהפתעה אחרי 52 ימים מחוץ לבית!!! אחרי שנכנס בטנק הראשון לבארי, כפר עזה, ניר עוז וכל האזור, אחרי שהמג״ד שלו נפל בקרב, חוזר אלינו הביתה גיבור מלחמה אמיתי!! בעזרת השם שיחזור אליו לשלום בסוף המלחמה, בריא ושלם!! תודה אלוקים על הכל!! אתה אחד ויחיד!!! עם ישראל חי 🇮🇱❤️

♬ original sound - Hodaya Klughaupt
Keep in mind, though, that this isn't exactly an Israeli original concept. Youtube and TikTok are already flooded with videos of US soldiers, Marines and sailors coming home and being welcomed back with tears and hugs by their ecstatic families, friends and significant others.
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