Israel's Kan complies with EBU request to change Eurovision song

After claims 'October Rain' lyrics political, failure of diplomatic attempts to resolve the crisis, KAN accepts EBU's request to change entry for Eurovision Song Contest

KAN Broadcasting Corporation's board, decided to comply with the EBU's request to allow changes to its entry October Rain or to replace the song altogether. The decision passed by a majority, paving the way for Israel's participation in the Eurovision Song Contest.
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After EBU said they intended to disqualify the song "October Rain" because it had "political lyrics," KAN initially refused to change its choice. At the same time, diplomatic efforts to reach a compromise were underway, made by President Isaac Herzog and the Foreign Ministry but the EBU reportedly also rejected a second option submitted by Kan.
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יצחק הרצוג, עדן גולן
יצחק הרצוג, עדן גולן
President Isaac Herzog and Israel's representative Eden Golan
(Photo: Kobi Gideon, Ltd, Shai Franco)
"The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation has been working in recent weeks to take the necessary steps to enable Israel's participation in this year's Eurovision Song Contest," the public broadcaster said in a statement.
"Despite disagreements with the position of the Eurovision supervisory committee, which requested to disqualify the two songs submitted by Israel to the competition because they were 'political,' the Corporation adopted President Herzog's advice to make necessary adjustments to enable Israel's representation on the Eurovision stage," the statement read.
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הלוגו הרשמי של האירוויזיון במאלמו, שבדיה
הלוגו הרשמי של האירוויזיון במאלמו, שבדיה
Israel expected to compete in the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo, Sweden
"The President said that precisely when our enemies seek to push and exclude the State of Israel from every stage, it is up to Israel to make its voice heard with pride and dignity and to raise its flag in every international forum, especially this year."
In conclusion Kan said a new song would be selected and sent to the Eurovision supervisory committee for approval.
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