From Al Jazeera to Grey's Anatomy's star: Israeli song faces outrage in Arab world

Music duo Ness and Stilla release 'Harbu Darbu' with lyrics describing Israeli military united to fight Hamas after Oct. 7 massacre and thumbs nose at anti-Israel critics

A song released by an Israeli duo caused outrage in the Arab world and among supporters of Palestinians. The song titled Harbu Darbu proposes to lift the morale of Israelis and the military units fighting the war on Gaza, after the October 7 massacre.
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The Qatar-based Al Jazeera network posted the song on social media platforms, claiming it encourages genocide while leading Israel's music charts.
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נס וסטילה
נס וסטילה
Ness and Stilla's Harbu Darbu music video
(Photo: Nir Amitai)
American actor Jess Williams, who stars in the popular Grey's Anatomy and who has been vocal in his support for Palestinians and condemnation of Israel, shared the video on to his followers and repeated those claims.
Former porn star Mia Khalifa who is mentioned in the song as an opponent of Israel and who was fired from her job at "Playboy" magazine after making anti-Israel statements said the song called for her to be killed.
"Y'all that song calling for the IDF to kill me, Bella, and Dua is over a DRILL beat," she said.
Israeli singer Stilla later commented calling Khalifa an idiot.
"We are happy for the conversation the song is sparking around the world, that everyone will know and remember that we are a strong nation, a strong army and most importantly, everyone gets their due," the Israeli musical duo said in a statement.
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