Super Bowl to air first ad dedicated to fighting antisemitism

30-second long ad purchased by Jewish billionaire and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft for Foundation to Combat Antisemitism narrated by Martin Luther King Jr speechwriter Clarence B. Jones

Following the surge in reports worldwide of antisemitism since the outbreak of Israel's war against Hamas in Gaza, numerous Jewish groups are striving to highlight the issue through protests, news coverage, billboards and social media campaigns. In the upcoming week, an ad calling on people to stand up against antisemitism will be shown during the year's most-watched television broadcast in the United States: the Super Bowl.
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The Robert Kraft Foundation to Combat Antisemitism, owned by the Jewish billionaire and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, announced the purchase of a 30-second advertising spot during the highly anticipated Super Bowl game set to take place next Sunday night.
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סופרבול LVII
סופרבול LVII
Super Bowl
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The game will feature a matchup between the reigning champion Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. This marks the first time that a Super Bowl commercial will specifically address antisemitism. Details about the ad have not been disclosed, except that it will be narrated by Clarence B. Jones, the speechwriter for Martin Luther King Jr.
"With the alarming rise in anti-Jewish hatred and all forms of bigotry across our country, we must stand up and take urgent action," Kraft said in a statement. "For the first time, the Kraft Foundation to Combat Antisemitism will air an impactful message during the Super Bowl, the ultimate championship game that brings people from all backgrounds together. This ad aims to show examples of how people can resist Jew-hatred and inspire others to join the fight against all forms of hatred."
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Robert Kraft
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According to reports, a 30-second Super Bowl commercial this year costs around $7 million. Last year, the Super Bowl was watched by approximately 115 million people, and Super Bowl commercials often become cultural touchstones and conversation starters in the weeks following the game.
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