Susan Sarandon dropped by talent agency after anti-Israel comments

Actress participated in pro-Palestinian protests and claimed that the October 7 massacre did not occur in a vacuum – now the prestigious United Talent Agency has quit representing her

The United Talent Agency that has represented Susan Sarandon parted ways with the Oscar-winning American actress after her outrageous remarks at a pro-Palestinian rally held late last week, according to reports Tuesday.
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In the last two weeks, Sarandon participated in a number of pro-Palestinian demonstrations, and during one that took place on Friday, she said that: "There are a lot of people afraid of being Jewish at this time, and are getting a taste of what it feels like to be a Muslim in this country."
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סוזן סרנדון
סוזן סרנדון
Susan Sarandon has to look for a new agent
(Photo: AP)
The actress also said that "it's important to listen, it's important to have facts. You don't need to go over the entire history of the region, you just need to see the babies dying in the incubators - these pictures are enough to understand that something is really wrong. We need a cease-fire now."
At the same demonstration, Sarandon also joined the chants of "from the river to the sea," popular with pro-Palestinian advocates, including Hamas, that is viewed by some as promoting antisemitism and calling for the complete destruction of Israel.
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סוזן סרנדון בהפגננה הפרו-פלסטינית בניו יורק
סוזן סרנדון בהפגננה הפרו-פלסטינית בניו יורק
Susan Sarandon at a pro-Palestinian rally in New York
(Photo: Screenshot Instagram)
This is not the first time that Sarandon has spoken out against Israel since the outbreak of the war and in general. About a week ago, she participated in another pro-Palestinian demonstration in which she accused Israel of war crimes, claimed that the October 7 massacre happened "in a certain context" and noted that people "don't understand the history of what was done to the Palestinian people for 75 years. This is an opportunity to educate people, if they have an open mind, if they are able to rise above the tribal instincts."
For many years, the Oscar winner has been known for her political activity, and is considered a radical leftist in American culture. In recent weeks, she has been sharing extreme anti-Israel posts on social media - including videos of Roger Waters and rabbis from the Neturei Karta, the fringe and extreme ultra-Orthodox movement that denies the state's right to exist.
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