Former Israeli WNBA player pays tribute to murdered friend

Shay Doron helps connect between friends of Adi Vital-Kaploun, who was murdered in her home by Hamas terrorists, and WNBA representatives to commemorate her
Raanan Weiss|
Israeli flag screened during WNBA finals

A moment of silence for the victims of Hamas’ attack against Israel was observed before the third match of the WNBA finals on Sunday. One of the victims was Adi Vital-Kaploun, whose friends approached the league's management and requested that her terrible murder be commemorated. Adi, a 33-year-old woman from Kibbutz Holit, was "waiting with bated breath for the WNBA finals," according to her friends.
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Adi's children, Negev and Eshel, were released by Hamas along with their neighbor Avital Aldjem, and returned to Israel through the Gaza border. Vital-Kaploun was murdered by terrorists who invaded her home.
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שי דורון במחווה לעדי ויטל-קפלון
שי דורון במחווה לעדי ויטל-קפלון
Shay Doron with a sign in Adi's memory
(Photo: Facebook)
New York Liberty, which hosted Las Vegas Aces for the third game of the series (and also won with a score of 87:73), displayed the Israeli flag on the stadium’s screen as the crowd stood up. Shay Doron, a former Israeli national team basketball player who played for the Liberty in 2007, was present in the arena and helped connect between Adi's friends and the WNBA representatives.
Doron waved a sign in Adi's memory, which read: "10.7 murdered by Hamas’s terrorist hands, Adi Kaploun Vital loved everyone & died for the love of her children. Her passion for basketball was undeniable. Today we honor her memory. RIP Adi.”
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עדי קפלון ויטל
עדי קפלון ויטל
Adi Vital-Kaploun
"You had so many qualities in you. You were empathetic to everyone while being the most rational and practical person. You were the best daughter, sister, friend, and mother anyone could ask for," Ayala, Adi’s sister, said at her funeral. "The situation we find ourselves in makes no sense, and there are no words that can comfort us. Throughout this past week, people told me to 'be strong,' and I can promise you we’ll try."
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