Exclusive: Eden Golan fires back at critics of Israeli Eurovision entry: 'I Believe in it'

After the European Broadcasting Union said the song 'October Rain' would be disqualified if it was submitted as is, the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation has worked to find a solution that will allow Eden Golan on stage for the song competition; 'I want to represent the country ...I wait like everyone else to know what is happening'

The storm over Israel's song for Eurovision, first revealed on Ynet, caught the young singer Eden Golan in turmoil just a few months before the moment that should be the biggest in her life. However, since the explosion of the affair, the Israeli representative to the competition has remained silent.
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Now Ynet and Yediot Ahronoth have obtained the words of the 20-year-old Golan about the events, which were said in closed conversations. "I love and believe in the song 'October Rain,' said Golan. "I want to represent the country; on the one hand, I continue as usual with all the preparations and preparations, and on the other hand, I'm waiting like everyone else to know what's going on, whether I'm going to perform in front of millions or not."
Golan shared in the closed conversations her feelings since the publication of the lyrics of the song, which deals with the October 7 Hamas attack and massacre and which the competition says are too 'political.' "It's a feeling of uncertainty and I'm aware of what's happening but understand the dialogue," she said. Those around her said that Golan is continuing preparations for the contest.
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Singer Eden Golan wants to take the stage at Eurovision
Meanwhile, after the European Broadcasting Union informed the corporation that the song "October Rain" will be disqualified if it is submitted as it is as the official version.
The director general of KAN, Israel's national broadcasting corporation, Golan Yochpaz, and its board headed by Gil Omer, is standing firm and announced that they will not change the song.
"As far as the Israel Broadcasting Corporation is concerned, there is no intention of replacing the song. That is, if it is not approved by the European Broadcasting Union, Israel will not participate in the competition that will be held in Sweden next May," KAN said in a statement.
Meanwhile, Yochpaz and Omer are trying to find a solution that will allow Eden Golan to take the stage at Eurovision in Malamo, Sweden month May. At the same time, the country's president Isaac Herzog also has entered the fray.
Herzog said on Sunday at the "B'Sheva" Jerusalem conference that it is important for Israel to participate in the international song competition. "It is important for Israel to appear in Eurovision because it is a stage for hundreds of millions of viewers," said Herzog. "I think it is important that Israel appear in the Eurovision because it is a stage of hundreds of millions of viewers," he said.
"I think it's good that the (Israeli Public Broadcasting) Corporation here is having a dialogue with the European Broadcasting Union, it's important. We need to have dialogue and more dialogue, to be smart and not just to be right," Herzog said.
Israel must submit its official song to Eurovision by the deadline of March 11. If no compromise is found and the song is submitted as it is, the European Broadcasting Union will disqualify it, and Israel will remain out of Eurovision.
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