Greta Thunberg calls on world to 'crush Zionism'

Video of controversial young climate activist shows her shouting anti-Israel chants in pro-Palestinian protest sparking outrage online
Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg was filmed during a pro-Palestinian demonstration in Stockholm last week chanting slogans calling to "Crush Zionism."
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In the video published by The Epoch Times, Thunberg can be seen reciting anti-Israel calls. Palestinian flags also were waved at the protest.
The video sparked considerable anger among Israeli internet users, who criticized Thunberg for supporting a terrorist organization that murdered 1,400 Israelis, including children and the elderly, and kidnapped many Israelis and other nationalities to the Gaza Strip.
They argued that Thunberg should focus on condemning the murderous terrorist organization rather than Israel, which defends itself against Hamas’ actions.
In recent weeks, Thunberg has posted several photos of herself with signs supporting Gaza. Last week, she published a picture of herself holding a sign that read “Stop the Holocaust" and another sign that read "Jews for the liberation of Palestine."
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גרטה טונברג במחאה בשטוקהולם ביום שישי
גרטה טונברג במחאה בשטוקהולם ביום שישי
Greta Thunberg in pro-Palestinian protest in Stockholm
(Photo: via X)
Two weeks ago, an incident took place during a speech by the climate activist in Amsterdam, during which a man approached her on stage, saying that he came for an environmental, and not a political, protest.
In response, he was forcibly removed from the stage, and Thunberg told the audience: "There can be no climate justice on occupied land." In the audience were several demonstrators waving Palestinian flags.
The Swedish climate activist stuck to her anti-Israel stance, saying: "As a climate justice movement, we must listen to the voices of the oppressed and those fighting for freedom and justice. Otherwise, there can be no climate justice without international solidarity."
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