Jewish activists pressure modeling agency to drop Gigi and Bella Hadid over antisemitic streak

IMG Models staff at NYC headquarters uninterested in engaging with activists; 'For a company that specializes in beauty, this was really ugly'

Emily Schrader/ILTV|
ILTV confronts IMG Models on Hadid antisemitism
(Video: ILTV)

ILTV's Emily Schrader joined activists from the End Jew Hatred movement in urging IMG Models to terminate their contracts with Bella and Gigi Hadid due to their antisemitic remarks and support for the October 7 Hamas massacre.
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To date, over 4,000 letters have been sent to the agency, calling on it to dismiss the Hadids, including one presented directly to its staff at its New York City headquarters by Schrader, Jewish rights activist Zina Rakhamilova and End Jew Hatred activist Adar Rubin.
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Gigi and Bella Hadid
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Gigi, the eldest of the Hadid sisters, had previously claimed to her over 70 million followers that Israel is the only country that detains young prisoners of war, overlooking the fact that Hamas continues to hold children hostage, namely siblings Ariel, 4, and Kfir, 1, Bibas.
Her younger sister Bella has ties to Nerdeen Kiswani, founder of the radical pro-Palestinian activist group Within Our Lifetime, which has been linked to multiple violent incidents, including the attack on Joey Borgen, a Jewish man who was severely beaten in 2021 while walking to a pro-Israel rally in Manhattan.
While attempting to deliver the letter to the staff at the headquarters, the workers appeared uninterested in engaging with the activists or passing on the letter. When pressed by Rubin about the Hadids' dissemination of antisemitic content, one worker responded, "I don't think we're paid enough to have an opinion on that."
"For a company that specializes in beauty, this was really ugly," Rubin concluded.
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