'The football world disappointed me': Israeli coach laments apathy to Hamas atrocities

Red Star Belgrade head coach Barak Bachar expresses dismay with major European clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona and Liverpool for tepid response to massacre; 'My country is bleeding, but no one will break the Israeli spirit, Am Yisrael Chai!'

Dennis Bihler|
(Barak Bahar's remarks start at 7:25)

Ahead of Red Star Belgrade's UEFA Champions League match against RB Leipzig, Israeli head coach Barak Bachar broke his silence on the October 7 Hamas attack and shared an emotional account of the situation in Israel.
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At the beginning of his remarks, Bachar revealed that he had spoken to Michael, the son of Roy Edan, a Ynet photographer who was murdered by Hamas terrorists along with his wife in Kfar Aza.
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Barak Bachar the head coach of Red Star Belgrade
Barak Bachar the head coach of Red Star Belgrade
Barak Bachar the head coach of Red Star Belgrade
(Photo: Red Star Belgrade Facebook)
"I spoke with Michael yesterday. He is a wonderful boy, he is nine years old. He loves soccer and supports Barcelona. On October 7, Hamas entered his home, killed his parents and kidnapped his sister. Michael and his six-year-old sister hid in a closet, from where they heard how their parents were killed. From there, they bravely managed to call the police, who rescued them. It's just one of the many horrors that happened that day," Bachar shared.
"They say that football connects between nations and races, and always talks about peace and respect, and I ask where is the respect for the 1,400 people that were murdered, innocent young men and women, who some just wanted to enjoy a peace party and were slaughtered. Whole families were burned alive and their homes. The girls were raped before they were killed and after. Pregnant women were cut open by these monsters who also shot the baby. Hundreds of children were killed, and many were kidnapped. How can you ignore that? The football world has disappointed me, many of those who were murdered loved football, they loved Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Liverpool. The football world is really disappointing, I wonder if it's all about the money. Can money also buy value and justice?"
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צלם ynet רועי עידן
צלם ynet רועי עידן
Ynet photographer Roy Edan
(Photo: Shai Machlouf)
"We all sit here in Germany, we all know their story. The clubs have spoken here, they have chosen to be on the side of the victim, the right side. It is a little light in this darkness," Bachar stressed.
"I would also like to point out the support of my club and people in Serbia. My country is bleeding, and my family, wife and three children run to the shelter every night, an hour ago they bombed near their house. A lot of people are broken. Everyone should know one important thing. No one will break the Israeli spirit, and we will win, because we don't have a choice, Am Yisrael Chai!"
Bachar also added that he is loyal to the club and the fans. "My team and I are working hard. The team and I will go out on the field tomorrow fully focused."
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