Alec Baldwin refuses to condemn Israel in pro-Palestinian rally

American Hollywood star confronts demonstrators saying they were asking 'stupid questions' while refusing their demands to denounce Israel

American actor Alec Baldwin found himself in a pro-Palestinian protest in New York on Tuesday and refused to condemn Israel after several of the demonstrators asked him to do so while talking to them.
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The protest took place in Manhattan, and in it, pro-Palestinian demonstrators gathered at Grand Central Station and Penn Station, as part of a protest dubbed a "Global Strike for Gaza.” Local police recommended avoiding the area, while the protesters waved Palestinian flags and chanted: "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free," making their way toward Times Square.
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אלק בולדווין מתעמת עם מפגינים פרו-פלסטיניים בניו יורק
אלק בולדווין מתעמת עם מפגינים פרו-פלסטיניים בניו יורק
Alec Baldwin in Palestinian protest in New York
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During the event, the demonstrators clashed with Baldwin, who happened to be in the area and refused their request to denounce Israel. One of the protesters approached the Emmy Award-winning actor and asked him, "Whose pocket are you in?" and if he condemned Israel despite his connection in Hollywood.
The 65-year-old Baldwin replied, "What do you mean?" and retorted, "You're asking a stupid question. Ask me a smart question." The protester yelled at him, "Go to hell," with the police preventing what seemed like an escalating confrontation.
While the police escorted Baldwin away, the protesters shouted slurs in his direction, including "kill all Zionists," along with derogatory remarks about his "failed career." Baldwin yelled back at one of the demonstrators, saying, "Why don’t you shut the f*ck up" and "Stop crying." When asked again if he condemns Israel, Baldwin responded, "No, but I want peace in Gaza."
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