Palestinians call on International Olympic Committee to take action against Israel

Palestinian Olympic Committee issues a letter asking the institution to help the ongoing situation in Gaza while making no mention of Hamas' attack
Nadav Zenziper|
The Palestinian Olympic Committee recently issued a letter to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), in which it requested the institution to take “tangible steps that demonstrate commitment to international laws,” following Israel’s war against Hamas following its attack on October 7.
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“Since the 7th of October 2023, we have been living through an unprecedented war,” the Palestinians wrote in the letter addressed to IOC’s head Thomas Bach. “It has borne witness to numerous atrocities against its residents and the destruction of vital infrastructure. This all-encompassing war shows no signs of relenting, disregarding international laws, agreements, human rights, and humanitarian principles.”
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המשלחת הפלסטינית בטוקיו
המשלחת הפלסטינית בטוקיו
In Tokyo
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תומאס באך
תומאס באך
Thomas Bach
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The letter added that the war has forced the Palestinians “to halt all forms of sporting activities in Palestine due to the ongoing and looming war. Yet, we remain dedicated to participating in official continental and international events whenever the circumstances, particularly our mobility and travel capabilities, permit.”
“The Palestinian sports community in Palestine, encompassing all its components, would like to convey to you the difficult challenges and hardships we are enduring, much like the Palestinian population as a whole, including the West Bank, Jerusalem, and the afflicted Gaza Strip. Hence, we fervently beseech you and hope that, in light of the calamity we are experiencing, you may support us and show solidarity,” the letter added.
The Palestinian committee also said they expected the IOC “To show solidarity and offering assistance to the devastated Palestinian sports community to mitigate the severe harm that has affected its diverse components and institutions, helping us reduce the damage wherever feasible.”
Additionally, the letter called on the international institution to “support the Palestinian sports community and advocate for its rights by taking tangible steps that demonstrate commitment to international laws,” likely referring to sanctions against Israel.
Finally, the Palestinians ask the IOC to “intervene to the extent possible through connections, relationships, and legal and official commitments with the aim of ending this war and the catastrophic consequences,” making no mention of Hamas’ attack or the massacre that took place in Israel on October 7.
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