Why Nepal's crocodiles turned orange and other news from nature

Nepal's intriguing "tanned" crocodiles, the butterfly's triumphant return to Britain after a century, and the enigmatic gathering of hundreds of people donning Spider-Man costumes in a Malaysian shopping mall; Check out the uplifting news flash

Meshi Ayad|
Let's begin with an intriguing update from Nepal's Chitawan National Park, where surprising sightings of tanned crocodiles and the rare Gharial species have caught the attention of researchers.
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These usually greenish creatures have taken on a unique orange hue, leaving experts wondering about the cause of their unusual transformation.
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תנין בצבע לא שגרתי
תנין בצבע לא שגרתי
The dangers of not using sunscreen?
(Photo: Twitter)
According to scientists, the alteration in color could be attributed to the iron-rich water in which these crocodiles and Gharials reside.
"No tanning oil found at the Himalayan foothills," tweeted Professor Phoebe Griffith, one of the researchers. In a lighthearted tone, she even speculated if perhaps these reptiles were taking fashion cues from Donald Trump.
Fear not, for there is another explanation, one more scientific in nature. As part of the conservation project focused on preserving crocodiles, especially the Gharial, researchers have found that certain rivers and streams within the park contain elevated levels of iron.
When iron in the water reacts with oxygen in the environment, it produces an orange hue. Reassuringly, zoologists and wildlife researchers have responded to Griffith's tweet, stating that the tan appearance is temporary and can be washed off with water containing lower iron content without causing harm to the reptiles.
Another stunning discovery has taken place in the United Kingdom as a butterfly, believed to be extinct for nearly a century, has made a remarkable reappearance. Researchers were astounded to find sightings of this rare butterfly species in the rural suburbs surrounding London, forcing them to revise their previous assessment of its extinction status.
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הפרפר שחזר לבריטניה
הפרפר שחזר לבריטניה
Black-veined white butterfly reappears in the United Kingdom
Perhaps you are familiar with the black-veined white butterfly, commonly found in Israel, particularly in the northern regions. This enchanting butterfly is also known to inhabit Turkey, Syria and Lebanon.
However, for several decades, it was thought to have vanished from the British Isles, until its recent unexpected sighting, which came as a delightful surprise.
The mystery behind the butterfly's return and the choice to revisit one of its favored habitats remains elusive. Could this unexpected reappearance signify the miraculous start of the species' recovery? Only time holds the answer.
And we stay in the insect section, sort of. So what do you think 685 Spidermen were doing in the middle of a mall in Malaysia? They weren't fighting crime or anything, but they did break a world record.
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מאות ספיידרמנים
מאות ספיידרמנים
Manhattan is missing its Spiderman...
(Photo: AEON MALL)
Specifically, a Guinness World Record. A dedicated judge was present, meticulously counting each participant and ensuring that they spent a minimum of five minutes in the designated area.
As the event concluded, participants were awarded certificates, validating their accomplishment of surpassing the previous record set in India in 2021, where 601 individuals sported Spider-Man suits.
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