El Al and Delta sign Codeshare agreements, streamlining 280 destinations

Starting January 1, 2024, Israelis will have access to connecting flights to a broad range of locations across the Americas and reciprocal privileges for the members of both companies' customer clubs
Iris Lifshitz-Klieger|
Israeli flag carrier El Al and Delta Airlines, a prominent U.S. airline, have announced their new, long-term codeshare agreement. This agreement, kicking off at the start of 2024, will pave the way for seamless connecting flights for passengers traveling between Israel and the United States.
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The deal is a win-win for both companies' customer clubs, offering a host of mutual perks. These include the ability to rack up and use SkyMiles or Frequent Flyer miles on flights operated by the partner company, the luxury of choosing preferred seats, priority during check-in and boarding, and even baggage benefits. Not to mention, where available, the deal will give the traveler access to the exclusive airport lounge, with all the leather couches and à la carte menu goodies one may desire before jetting off around the world.
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דלתא איירליינס ואל על - משתפות פעולה
דלתא איירליינס ואל על - משתפות פעולה
El Al and Delta joining forces
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Delta Airlines halted its flights to Israel due to the war. However, once the airline resumes operations to Ben Gurion Airport, passengers will have the convenience of flying from North America to Tel Aviv via direct flights by El Al. These flights will operate from several airports, including JFK in New York , Newark, Boston, Los Angeles, Miami and Fort Lauderdale, a prominent spring break destination.
El Al's code (LY) will be featured on Delta's flights from Tel Aviv to the U.S. (once they're back in action), and on approximately 280 connecting flights via Delta's main US airports. These include JFK New York, Atlanta, Boston and Los Angeles, and cover a wide range of destinations such as Washington, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Seattle, Dallas and Toronto.
Delta Airlines is the second American airline to ink such an agreement with El Al, following in the footsteps of American Airlines.
Shlomi Zafrani, deputy CEO of Trade and Aviation Relations at El Al, said he believes the agreement will "enhance the value proposition for El Al customers flying from Israel to various destinations across the Americas." He also conveyed his delight at welcoming new passengers from North America to Tel Aviv and vice versa, adding that "the partnership with Delta Airlines, coupled with Israel's inclusion in the U.S. government's visa waiver program, opens up a plethora of diverse and convenient options for Israeli passengers."
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El Al airliner
El Al airliner
El Al airliner
(Photo: Reuters)
Echoing his sentiments, Dina Ben-Tal Ganancia, the CEO of El Al, said: "We are proud of our collaboration with Delta, a partner of significant value."
Alain Bellemare, the president of Delta International, reaffirmed the benefits of this new-found partnership. "Delta continues to fulfill its commitment to provide customers and businesses with a quality flight experience to and from Tel Aviv. Our codeshare agreement with El Al enables us to offer our customers more convenient flight options between North America and Israel," he said.
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