Peacemaker. Peres
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All talk. Moussa
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Peres confronts Arab League leader at Jordanian convention
(Video) President exchanges harsh words with Amr Moussa about Middle East peace in spontaneous heated debate during Petra Convention. Moussa: Israel all talk, doesn't want peace; Peres answers: How will Arab League prevent rocket fire?

VIDEO - Open mike night Jordanian-style: President Shimon Peres on Wednesday confronted Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa during the Petra Convention in Jordan. The two exchanged accusations, inciting the audience.




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When Peres concluded his speech, Moussa stood up suddenly and insisted on addressing the audience. He got on stage, seized the microphone and turned to President Peres, saying “I have listened to your speech. I admire you, love you and am your friend; but Israel is all talk. In reality, you don’t want peace, nor do you do anything to promote it.”


The secretary-general went on accusing Israel, declaring: “You are expanding settlements, creating a new reality in the region and inflicting pain on the Palestinians. You haven’t even addressed the offer made by the Arab League, which includes a full peace agreement and complete normalization between Israel and the Arab world. And what has your response been? No response at all…We're not stupid Mr. President."


The audience cheered Moussa, but Peres fought back, reclaiming the stage. He grabbed the microphone and embarked on his own rhetoric: “I respect you, too, Amr Moussa, but am unwilling to accept your statements,” Israel’s president declared. “Those present in the room as well as the Arab League should know the real situation once and for all.  

 Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa during Petra Convention (Photo: AFP)


“I wish to remind all of you that Israel ceded entire communities during the painful Gaza pullout and received a rocket barrage in return. Why is Hamas firing at us? Why do they target the innocent? Israel wants peace and is working towards achieving it. Take Jordan and Egypt for example, with whom we have shared long peace processes. Israel will reach out for any peace initiative," Peres said. 


"If the Arab League wants to offer us something – come to Jerusalem and speak sincerely and openly before the Knesset. I have one fundamental question for you – how are you going to prevent the rocket fire? How can you guarantee us that the Gaza situation won’t repeat itself? To that, Mr. Moussa, you have no answer,” Peres declared.


Peres won a standing ovation from the pro-Israeli audience in the convention. Later on, shouting and arguments ensued between the pro-Israeli and pro-Arab attendants.


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