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    'Greywater could be solution for Israel's water shortage'
    Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce campaigns for greywater recycling bill, says it could resolve Israel's water shortage

    The Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce urged the Knesset to embrace greywater recycling as a way to resolve Israel's water shortage.


    Greywater is wastewater generated from domestic activities such as laundry, dishwashing and bathing. Recycled greywater is used mainly for urban and agricultural irrigation.


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    The Federation is currently campaigning for the greywater recycling bill, which is currently being prepared for its first Knesset reading.


    Paul Steiner of the FICC said that the problem now is that the lack of proper regulation has lead to piracy in the field. According to Steiner, there are currently 12 greywater recycling facilities in Israel that are operating sans regulation, making them ill-equipped to properly recycle the water.


    "In light of the water authority's grim prediction of an eight consecutive drought and our geographically-characteristic desertification, greywater recycling legislation must be advanced immediately, as it is in many other western countries," he said.


    The FICC suggests that greywater recycling in the private sector alone could save the water market about 150 million cubic meters a year – the same as the amount of water Israel's two future desalination facilities will recycle.


    Advancements in the water recycling industry will also help the job sector, as it stands to create some 1,500 new jobs. The FICC said that the sector also has substantial export potential, which can reach $100 million within five years.


    The Federation said that the current legislation on greywater misses out on 94% of the sector's recycling potential, since it bars recycling apparatuses in business or private homes.


    "If Israel is heading towards desertification, then installing a greywater recycling apparatus in every home in Israel could solve Israel's future water problems," Steiner said.



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    Installation at Knesset debate on greywater recycling
    Photo: Gil Yohanan