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    Prof. Gideon Dagan wins Israel Prize for Earth Science
    TAU professor Emeritus honored for inducting Stochastic Hydrology discipline which helps underground water research

    Professor Gideon Dagan was named the recipient of the Israel Prize in the field of Earth and Atmosphere Science in 2012.


    Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar backed the Israel Prize Committee's nomination, informed Dagan of the decision and offered the government's congratulations.


    Dagan, who is a professor Emeritus of Hydrology at the School of Mechanical Engineering in Tel Aviv University, was recognized for his groundbreaking hydraulics research.


    The Israel Prize Committee noted that Dagan, who in 1979 led a team that made a significant breakthrough in hydraulics research, is one of the forefathers of the new discipline of Stochastic Hydrology.


    Stochastic Hydrology quantifies uncertainty with the aid of statistical models, used for analyzing and predicting various field scale processes such as groundwater pollution.


    According to the committee, the models Dagan developed aspire to quantify the data in a way the helps scientists understand the way groundwater moves across the Earth's upper soil layer.


    Dagan, 80, has published over 165 articles in leading international journals. According to the prestigious Institute of Scientific Information, his work has been cited by more than 6,000 articles.



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