Afghan officials say 34 killed in separate suicide bombings

Associated Press |
Published: 11.29.20 , 11:40
At least 34 people were killed on Sunday in two separate suicide bombings in Afghanistan that targeted a military base and a provincial chief, officials said.
In eastern Ghazni province, 31 soldiers were killed and 24 others wounded when the attacker drove a military humvee full of explosives onto an army commando base before detonating the car bomb, according to an official in Afghanistan’s National Security Council, who spoke anonymously because he was not permitted to speak directly to the media.
Ghazni provincial health department chief, Zahir Shah Nikmal, also confirmed the death toll and casualty figures from the attack.
Afghanistan's Defense Ministry released a statement claiming 10 soldiers were killed and nine wounded.
Interior Ministry spokesman Tariq Arian said a suicide bombing took place, though he did not provide further details.
In southern Afghanistan, another suicide car bomber targeted the convoy of a provincial council chief in Zubal, killing at least three people and wounding 21 others, including children, according to provincial spokesman Gul Islam Sial.