Israel Air Force F-15 fighter jet
Israel Air Force F-15 fighter jet
Photo: Moti Kimchi
Israel Air Force F-15 fighter jet

IDF fighter jets shoot down drone dispatched from Gaza

F-15 fighter jets intercept unmanned aircraft over Mediterranean sea upon exiting coastal enclave's airspace; Military says it launched probe into incident

Yoav Zitun |
Published: 02.27.20 , 13:29
IDF fighter jets have intercepted a drone dispatched from the Gaza Strip, the IDF confirmed on Thursday.
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  • The army said the drone was heading westward over the Mediterranean sea upon exiting the coastal enclave's airspace.
    Israel Air Force F-15 fighter jet Israel Air Force F-15 fighter jet
    Israel Air Force F-15 fighter jet
    (Photo: Moti Kimchi)
    The drone, which is speculated to belong to Hamas, was under constant surveillance from the moment it took off.
    Ultimately, Israel Air Force F-15 fighter jets were dispatched and intercepted the drone at 10:55 am at an altitude of 1,700 feet, 8 miles off the Gaza shore.
    Security officials say a probe into the incident was launched to determine what were the drone's targets.
    Aftermath of a drone attack on an IDF armored vehicle near the Gaza border, September 2019
    The incident comes just a day after Israel lifted restriction imposed on Gaza following the last round of fighting earlier in the week.
    Border crossings were reopened and Gaza's fishing zone was extended back to 15 nautical miles off the coast.
    In this recent round of violence, which lasted less than 48 hours before a ceasefire brokered by Egypt took hold, the Islamic Jihad terror group had launched at least 80 rockets targeting Israeli communities in the south of the country.
    The last similar incident, where IDF fighter planes shot down a drone from the Gaza Strip, occurred in October 2019.
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