Coronavirus cabinet to meet Sunday amid spike in COVID-19 cases

Ynet |
Published: 06.25.20 , 23:02
The coronavirus cabinet will meet on Sunday at the request of Defense Minister Benny Gantz, amid the rise in cases of COVID-19.
The ministers will discuss imposing lock-downs on areas of the country that see a rise in COVID-19 cases and clusters of contagion.
On Thursday Ministers placed closures and restrictions three quarters in Ashdod closing schools and synagogues and prohibiting the gathering of more than 10 people.
In Bat Yam, schools for children grade 5 and over will close and there is also a prohibition against gather in groups larger than 10 people. Police will increase enforcement at weddings and other venues.
In contrast, restrictions are being lifted from the neighborhoods of Ajami in Jaffa and in the city of Rahat with an increase in the enforcement of health regulations in the area.