A truck with equipment enters Gaza
A truck with equipment enters Gaza
Photo: Courtesy
A truck with equipment enters Gaza

ICRC delivers vital medical supplies to Gaza

Representative of Red Cross in Israel and Palestinian territories says concerned at prospect of outbreak of virus, given the weakness of health infrastructure and dense population of the enclave

Elior Levy |
Published: 04.23.20 , 23:23
The International Committee of the Red Cross on Thursday delivered vital medical equipment to Gaza, including ventilators, and more equipment crucial for the treatment of severe symptoms of COVID-19.
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  • This donation is badly needed in Gaza's failing health system that contains only 110 ICU beds, most of which are already occupied by elderly patients.
    A truck with equipment enters Gaza A truck with equipment enters Gaza
    A truck with equipment enters Gaza
    (Photo: Courtesy)
    There are only 93 ventilators in the entire Strip, which is home to two million residents.
    The Red Cross said it is also working to improve the infrastructure at the European Hospital in Gaza City where most coronavirus patients were being treated, building a contamination monitoring facility.
    Facial masks and protective goggles were also delivered to the Red Crescent teams who operate the ambulance services in the Gaza Strip.
    Daniel Wallinder, the representative of the Red Cross in Israel and the Palestinian territories, said he was concerned at the prospect of an outbreak of the virus, "given the weakness of the health infrastructure and the dense population of the Gaza Strip."
    Thousands of liters of alcogel had been delivered to Gaza medical facilities by the WHO recently.
    Hamas police patrol Gaza streetsHamas police patrol Gaza streets
    Masked Hamas police patrol Gaza streets
    (Photo: EPA)
    The virus seems to be contained in the Strip as of Thursday, which is a relief for international organizations, the Hamas rulers of Gaza and Israel.
    Israel has allowed a delivery of car and truck tires into the Gaza Strip as part of the fourth phase of the negotiation for a long-term ceasefire.
    Israel suspended the delivery of tires to the Strip after April 2018 with the launch of the March of Return demonstrations and the weekly confrontations on the Israeli border with Gaza. Hundreds of tires were set on fire in these events.
    COGAT had in January decided to renew the supply of concrete to Gaza for use in the private sector.

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