Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

It's not an attack on Netanyahu, it's an attack on the whole right-wing

Opinion: The recent charges against the prime minister are nothing more but the continuation of non-stop attacks against the entire right-wing bloc, meant to cover up the rise of non-mandated powers within Israel

Yehoda Vald |
Published: 11.26.19 , 12:21
The reality we’re in is undoubtedly an uneasy one, with our prime minister is under indictment for charges of fraud, bribery and breach of trust.
We, the people expect our leaders to be spotless, men of truth and haters of greed, and we know that a leader who deals in corruption is not worthy to lead Israel - for as we all know, no one is above the law.
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As a people it's up to us to create a norm of ethics and integrity in our country, and especially in its leadership, but we need to differentiate between a man who takes a bribe for his own pocket out of greed, and a prime minister who's under constant media lynch along with his family.
בנימין נתניהובנימין נתניהו
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
(Photo: Reuters)
For years, the Israeli media has been under the control of the left-wing, which seeks to use its power against the people of the right and against Benjamin Netanyahu specifically.
Prime Minister Netanyahu works tirelessly to guarantee Israel's defense, taking difficult decisions about the country's security and economy at the cost of his own personal life.
All the while, the media spills his figurative blood on a nightly basis - defaming him, his acts and his personality.
So where's this corruption they're all talking about? Is it because he dared ask a certain news website to write something positive about him and play a different tune to the rest of the left-wing media?
Even if it really happened, even if the devastating pressure put on him by the media really did made him trip, it's not the kind of offense for which a prime minister should be thrown out of office.
הפגנה בנימין נתניהו הפגנה בנימין נתניהו
A protest in support of Benjamin Netanyahu after his indictment was announced
(Photo: AFP )
Furthermore, anyone who understands how the relationship between politicians and journalists works can tell you that that's just how things are - so please don't shut your eyes and play the innocent.
The inexplicable partnership of the left-wing media and state prosecutors in the campaign pushing the indictment against Netanyahu - which includes illegal activities such as leaks, threats against state witnesses and more - is proof enough that it's not about justice or Netanyahu, it's about creating a governmental coup using extreme left-wing powers.
The end goal here is nothing less than creating a left-wing government that will lead to another Gaza disengagement plan or another Oslo Accords.
What we’re dealing with now is a struggle between Israel's public and a "deep state" - a clandestine cabal of officials operating independently of a nation's elected leadership.
הפגנה בעד בנימין נתניהו במעון בבלפורהפגנה בעד בנימין נתניהו במעון בבלפור
A protest in support of Benjamin Netanyahu after his indictment was announced
(Photo: AFP)
There are those in Israel's judicial system who have decided they're the ones leading the people, overturning laws passed by the Knesset and making grave decisions regarding sensitive topics without receiving any mandate to do so.
It's a loud minority that doesn't represent even one percent of the population, but still acts to brainwash it.
And that is a fight Israel's citizens must win.
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