Eichman and Himmler pillows
Eichman and Himmler pillows
Photo: Screenshot
'The Last Jew in Vinnitsa' beach towel for sale

Website slammed for offering Holocaust-themed novelties

Retail website offers household items with images of Nazi atrocities and while store appears to have removed most items, some remain online

Itamar Eichner |
Published: 12.08.19 , 18:30
Right-wing organization Ad Kan on Sunday criticized a U.S. art retail website for offering shocking pictures of Jews being executed during the Holocaust printed on everyday chattel.
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  • The grotesque items were uploaded online by American photographer David Lee Guss from Phoenix, Arizona – offering prints on pillows, beach towels, handbags and posters.
    'The Last Jew in Vinnitsa' beach towel for sale'The Last Jew in Vinnitsa' beach towel for sale
    'The Last Jew in Vinnitsa' beach towel for sale
    (Photo: Screenshot)
    Among the various images available for purchase, one can find 'The Last Jew in Vinnitsa' - a photograph taken in Ukraine showing a Jewish man about to be shot dead by a member of Einsatzgruppe D, a mobile death squad of the Nazi SS. The victim is kneeling beside a mass grave already containing bodies; behind, a group of SS and Reich Labor Service men watch.
    Among other items included is a beach towel made of 100% cotton with an image of the Jewish mass grave in Vinnitsa emblazoned on it for just $36.
    Eichman and Himmler pillowsEichman and Himmler pillows
    Eichman and Himmler pillows
    (Photo: Screenshot)
    Guss offers for a similar price such wares as towels, pillows, bags and posters of the Ivanhorod Einsatzgruppen photograph, depicting a Nazi soldier holding a rifle and executing Jews in the Ukrainian village of Ivanhorod, where hundreds of Jews were murdered in February 1942 by the SS Einsatzgruppe and Ukrainian collaborators.
    Guss also offers the movie poster for the 1940 Nazi anti-Semitic propaganda film The Eternal Jew on various everyday goods. The American photographer also offers prints of Hitler giving a Nazi salute and pillows with artistic prints of senior Nazi officials such as Adolf Eichmann and Heinrich Himmler.
    The Ivanhorod Einsatzgruppen photographThe Ivanhorod Einsatzgruppen photograph
    The Ivanhorod Einsatzgruppen photograph
    (Photo: Public domain)
    The controversial entries on the retail website were found by Ad Kan, a right-wing organization acting against anti-Israeli groups and activists.
    "Unfortunately, the anti-Semitic plague is still throbbing, and we must act to eradicate it," the organization said. "Turning photos of Jews being executed into fashion items is not art, it's atrocious."
    We cannot imagine a person walking down the street proudly sporting such images. We call on the American ambassador to Israel to act for the immediate removal of the website from the internet as part of the American government's obligation to the war on anti-Semitism."
    Most items seem to have been removed from the website after Ad Kan's publication, but some others remain online.
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