IDF downs drone hovering over Israel-Lebanon border

Lebanese media report drone filming a video clip near border; in recent weeks, a number of infiltration attempts, by migrant workers attempting to enter Israel, have been intercepted

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have managed to control a drone that hovered over the Israeli-Lebanese border, landing it successfully in Israel, The IDF Spokesperson's Unit said Sunday.
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  • In a statement, the IDF confirmed that "IDF troops spotted a drone infiltrating Israeli airspace from Lebanon. The drone was monitored by the forces who deployed various means [to stop it]."
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    מערכת רחפנים
    מערכת רחפנים
    Illustration: a drone
    (Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
    Following the incident, Lebanon’s National News Agency reported that the drone was for commercial use, and belonged to a Lebanese singer.
    The singer reportedly used it for filming a video clip, ahead of the anniversary of the Second Lebanon War, over Adisa Road which is adjacent to the frontier.
    The border along Israel’s north has been a source for tensions in recent weeks, as infiltration attempts have increased lately, though mainly by foreign workers.
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    כוחות או"ם יוניפי"ל עם צבא לבנון ליד גבול ישראל
    כוחות או"ם יוניפי"ל עם צבא לבנון ליד גבול ישראל
    UNIFIL forces with a Lebanese army Jeep near the Israeli Lebanese border
    (Photo: AFP)
    On June 17, a suspect was arrested in the northern town of Shlomi, after having crossed the border from Lebanon. According to initial reports, the suspect was a Sudanese national, while the IDF did not deem the incident to be linked with terrorism.

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