Lebanese president condemns Israel as more rioters hurt from IDF fire in border protests

Liad Osmo, Daniel Salami |
Published: 05.14.21 , 21:56
Hezbollah-affiliated television network Al-Manar reported Friday night that several Lebanese demonstrators were hurt by IDF fire as protests reignited near the border.
It was also reported that the IDF was simultaneously firing flares and tear gas.
Earlier on Friday, one of the protesters was shot and killed by IDF forces after he crossed the border to Israel. He was later identified as a Hezbollah militant.
Lebanese President Michel Aoun condemned the incident and said will report it to the United Nations.
"I condemn the crime committed by the Israeli forces, who opened fire on a group of youths demonstrating near the southern border in protest of the aggression in Gaza, which resulted in the death of young man Muhammad Tahan and the injury of another person," Aoun said. "I have asked the foreign minister to inform the United Nations of the incident as we prepared to take the necessary steps."