Brinish Zahava Beck
Brinish Zahava Beck
Photo: Screenshot
Brinish Zahava Beck

Teacher to face disciplinary hearing after lobbing apple at PM, comparing him to Hitler

Education minister Peretz orders to launch inquiry into incident; teacher apologizes for statement comparing Netanyahu to Nazi leader

Adir Yanko |
Published: 02.18.20 , 18:44
Education Minister Rafi Peretz ordered on Tuesday to summon for a disciplinary hearing a teacher who threw an apple at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during an election rally in Netanya Saturday night.
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  • In an interview following the event, teacher and social activist Brinish Zahava Beck said that the atmosphere at the rally reminded her of rallies in 30s and 40s Germany in support of Nazi despot Adolf Hitler.
    "There is an internal schism [within the nation], I saw live people, who are supposed to set a personal example, who incite. The rally reminded me of Hitler."
    Beck immediately apologized for her statement while still on the air.
    Brinish Zahava Beck Brinish Zahava Beck
    Brinish Zahava Beck
    (Photo: Screenshot)
    When asked why she threw the apple at Netanyahu, Beck claimed she felt an atmosphere of incitement which shocked her and led her to act the way she did.
    "I was shocked at the rally, I thought these things only happen on TV," said Beck. "There were people at the rally who are supposed to lead us, to set a personal example for us, all they did there was a campaign of incitement."
    אסתר סטיבאסתר סטיב
    Netanyahu at the Likud rally in Netanya
    (Photo: Screenshot)
    Peretz condemned Beck's behavior, saying she had "crossed a red line" and ordered the Education Ministry to summon her for a disciplinary hearing.
    “As I have said many times before, we will not accept violent behavior within the education system; not from students; and let alone from teachers, who are supposed to set a personal example," said Peretz. "The teacher who threw an apple at the prime minister and compared him to Hitler on live television had crossed a red line, both verbally and physically. I ordered the professional echelons at the Ministry to summon her to a hearing posthaste."
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