Over 25% of all deaths in January were coronavirus-related, report says

Total fatalities in January 14.1% higher than same period in 2020; with 5,473 COVID deaths since beginning of pandemic, one out of every 135 Israelis ill with the pathogen succumbs to it

Yaron Druckman|
Over a quarter of all deaths in Israel during the month of January were coronavirus-related, according to data published by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) Thursday.
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  • Out of 5,233 fatalities last month, 1,459 were patients battling with the disease. The number of total deaths was also 14.1% percent higher than that same period in 2020, which stood at 4,897. January also accounts for 26.6% of all deaths since the start of the pandemic, rising to 5,473 as of Thursday.
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    מחלקת הקורונה בבית החולים צפת
    מחלקת הקורונה בבית החולים צפת
    A coronavirus ward at Ziv Medical Center in Safed
    (Photo: Aviho Shapira)
    Though Israel's coronavirus death toll sits at 0.74%, below the global average, one of every 135 Israelis ill with the virus passed away.
    Israel's total coronavirus-related deaths per capita were also high, with 596 deaths compared to the global average of 313.2.
    The CBS stated that the total death toll is not final, as every year dozens and even hundreds of people are added retroactively due to miscounting.
    January 24 saw the peak in coronavirus-related deaths, with 79 patients passing away that day, and the lowest being Jan. 9 with 21 fatalities.
    The average daily COVID-19 death toll during that period stood at 47.
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    עמדת חיסונים ניידת של מכבי ביפו
    עמדת חיסונים ניידת של מכבי ביפו
    A man vaccinated against coronavirus at a pop-up clinic in Jaffa
    (Photo: Reuters)
    Since the beginning of February, 648 people have died due to complications of COVID-19, putting the daily average at 38.
    The Health Ministry reported Thursday morning that 4,076 new coronavirus cases had been diagnosed in the past 24 hours.
    The death toll since the start of the pandemic stood at 5,486.
    Out of 52,756 patients battling the disease, 928 were in serious condition, with 296 connected to ventilators. Reportedly, 76.2% of all new serious patients Wednesday were under the age of 39.
    In total, 88% of Israelis over 60 had received at least their first vaccine dose.
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