Chairs are thrown as an Independence Day party in Or Yehuda descends into violence

Chaos as Independence Day party ends with chairs being hurled

Late night celebration at Or Yehuda events hall erupts in violence after last stragglers refuse to leave event; police called to break up after fight with venue owner saying people had been drinking strong alcohol and 'lost control of themselves'

Itay Blumenthal |
Published: 04.15.21, 20:35
An Independence Day celebration descended into chaos late Wednesday night at an event hall in the central city of Or Yehuda, with brawling party-goers hurling chairs at one another.
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  • The owner of the events hall said that the fight erupted when staff asked the people attending the party to end their festivities at around 2am.
    Chairs thrown at Independence Day party in Or Yehuda
    "What happened was that the event ended and everything was fine," the owner said. "The remaining attendees started to sing and dance and jump on the tables. The children started to throw chairs at one another as they did not want to leave at the end of the night."
    He said that the staff at the site were forced to call the police in order to break up the clashes.
    "People were drinking liquor and had lost control of themselves," he said.
    "Nothing was helping, people were breaking the law. It's sad that the festivities ended this way. We are a special nation, that's for sure," he said.
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    קטטות באולמי גני סאם באור יהודה
    קטטות באולמי גני סאם באור יהודה
    Chairs are thrown as an Independence Day party in Or Yehuda descends into violence
    The incident drew some wry comments on Twitter, with one observer noting that, "It's not Independence Day without Keter [plastic] chairs flying."
    "If chair throwing were an Olympic sport, we would win the gold," said another commenter.
    Many people made reference to a recent satirical sketch on the Eretz Nehederet comedy show, in which popular character Shauli lamented the seemingly endless cycle of inconclusive elections and proposed civil war instead.
    "The next time there's a fight at the pool and the plastic chairs and sun umbrellas start flying, simply don't step in to stop it," Shauli, played by Assi Cohen, says in the sketch.

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