UK PM lauds police for breaking up COVID rule-breaching Jewish wedding in London

Ynet |
Published: 01.22.21 , 23:37
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson supports the police for "taking action against people who flagrantly and selfishly ignore the rules", the premier's spokesman said on Friday after police broke up a Jewish wedding party in north London, where they now say about 150 people had gathered.
"Large gatherings such as that pose a health risk, not just to those who attend but those who they live with or others who they may come into contact with."
The wedding took place at the Yesodey Hatorah Girls School, which serves Haredi Jewish families in the area, home to the biggest Orthodox Jewish community in Europe.
Guests fled from the strictly Orthodox Charedi Jewish school when the police arrived. The organizers face a £10,000 fine for breaking lockdown rules.