Health Ministry's no. 2 Professor Itamar Grotto
Health Ministry's no. 2 Professor Itamar Grotto
Photo: Barel Ephraim
Prof. Itamar Grotto

Health Ministry No. 2: Close shops, put Israelis on military rations

With Israel inching ever closer to a full seven-day lockdown over coronavirus, Prof. Itamar Grotto calls for harsh measures, explaining that it will hasten the process of allowing people to return to normalcy

Sivan Hilaie |
Published: 03.24.20 , 17:52
The Health Ministry's no. 2, Prof. Itamar Grotto said Tuesday he believed the only way to effectively stop the spread of coronavirus is to shut down all shops including for food and medicine and provide military rations to Israelis.
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  • "I understand this sounds like an extreme suggestion but the ministry's position is clear. It will, however, require the proper preparation before it can be put into effect," Grotto said.
    Prof. Itamar GrottoProf. Itamar Grotto
    Prof. Itamar Grotto
    (Photo: Barel Ephraim )
    "The steps we have taken so far have proven effective,” said Grotto.
    “Our goal is that by the end of Passover we will allow certain groups to return to their daily lives based on data gathered and how vital these groups are to the economy," he said.
    The government was expected to sanction more restrictive measures Tuesday that may include restrictions on all movement outside the home that is not for vital work or purchasing supplies as well as a ban on all public transport.
    Commenting on the rising daily rate of confirmed patients, Grotto said that this was is due to a higher number of testing, and that the most recent patients were exposed to the virus 7-10 days ago.
    According to Grotto, only when we pass the 10-day period for the harsh restrictions will we be able to quantify their effectiveness.
    אמבולנס בכניסה לוולפסוןאמבולנס בכניסה לוולפסון
    An ambulance driver wearing a mask pulls up to the entrance to Wolfson Medical Center on Holon
    (Photo: Avigail Uzi)
    Wolfson Medical Center in Holon confirmed on Tuesday that a 64-year-old woman died due to complications from the coronavirus, bringing the national death toll to two.
    The Health Ministry also confirmed on Tuesday morning that the country now has 1,656 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, an additional 234 cases since Monday night.

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