Netanyahu: we consider riots in mixed cities to be terrorism

Itamar Eichner |
Published: 05.14.21 , 20:25
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Friday evening that he and authorities consider the latest spate of violence in mixed cities where Jews and Arabs live together to be terrorism.
"What is happening in the cities of Israel is a very serious thing, groups of rioters from the Arab public and harming Jews just for being Jews," Netanyahu said.
"I say it unequivocally, it is not the entire Arab public, and not even the majority of the Arab public, but this is a significant minority that is violent and tears the fabric of the joint life we've built Jews and Arabs have built for many years, This must stop,"
"The response of the leaders of the Arab public to this day has been meek, weak. Everyone should condemn it, any form of violence — by Arabs against Jews and also by Jews against Arabs, I do it outright, I do not hesitate for a moment. However I say, we can not accept rock-throwing, live fire or arson of synagogues, and we will act with all our might. To us, it is terrorism — that's how we treat it."