AG closes PM case for allegedly withholding investment information from state

Tova Tzimuki |
Published: 10.15.20 , 21:27
Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit adopted on Thursday the police and State Attorney's Office's recommendation to close a case in which Prime Minister Netanyahu is suspected of withholding from the state information about his investments.
"Even if it were possible to delve deeper into the circumstances of the acquisition of rights in 2007 and into the scope of that benefit, the offense of fraud and breach of trust was already statute-barred by criminal law before it was brought to the attention of the law enforcement system," Mandelblit said.
He also stated that he would not open an investigation into the recent allegations about Netanyahu's role in the so-called Case 3000, in which Israel has purchased submarines a German company as part of deals swayed in favor of the company for the personal gain of several of the people involved, including a family member of Netanyahu.