Gantz: Israel will keep preventing Hezbollah's entrenchment in Syria

Ahiya Raved |
Published: 07.26.20 , 19:30
Defense Minister Benny Gantz issued a clear threat on Sunday to the Hezbollah terror group overlooking the northern border, saying Israel will keep preventing the Shiite terror group's efforts to entrench in Syria.
“We will continue to ensure our security interests, which include removing Iranian entrenchment in Syria, blocking the transfer of advanced [weapons], and preventing the development of precision [guided missiles] anywhere in the region — in Syria or in Lebanon,” he said.
According to Gantz, "the situation in Lebanon and Syria is not good - not economically, coronavirus wise or infrastructure. I remind Syria and Lebanon that they are responsible for all that happens within their boundaries, and we will demand them to uphold it. We are not looking for unnecessary flareups, but those who test us, will be met with our superior capabilities."